Helping Hands for America’s Lands
Join us on September 24, 2011 from 9am -12pm

There is a special joy in getting our hands dirty when it helps keep our land beautiful. consider that one-third of the land in America is ours – public land where we can all hike, bike, climb, swim, explore, picnic or just plain relax. National Public Lands Day is an opportunity to spruce up these lands while helping us get back to some these places we love.

On September 24th, an estimated 180,000 volunteers around the nation will build trails and bridges, pull invasive weeds, plant trees, remove trash and have fun getting back to nature. At the same time, they’ll get quite a workout on America’s public lands, the gym with a view. They’ll learn about water conservation, invasive species, trail maintenance and other issues affecting public lands as well as take part in a service endeavor fed with the energy of volunteers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Join the thousands who will take part in the 18th annual National Public Lands Day and help do your part for America’s lands.

Visit National Public Lands Day at

If your interested in volunteering at Arch Creek Park, please contact the park naturalist at 305-944-6111