Camp Manatee – Winter Camp registration starts today. You can register your camper online at, Select “Arch Creek Park” in the Places field. If you haven’t already you will have to create an account before registering. If you have any issues registering online, please let us know so we can assist you in fixing the problem. For a copy of the schedule, click the following link winter camp schedule 2013-2014Winter Camp 13-14 flyer

Winter Camp 13-14 flyer

Camp Manatee is offering a special deal for the 2012-2013  Winter Camp season. If your camper(s) will be  attending both sessions, the cost will be $134 for the 6 days. the additional fees, weekly transportation and annual registration, will still apply. 
Camp Manatee - Winter 2012-2013

Camp Manatee - Winter Schedule 2012-2013