March 2011

Next Saturday is the Arch Creek Trust annual Plant Sale. Make sure to stop by and purchase a plant or too to help support the Arch Creek Trust and the Park.

The Arch Creek Trust Newsletter is available. Visit the Trust Page to download/view a copy.

Also, we are still accepting application for summer positions. Please contact the park to receive information how to submit an online application.

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is finding the blog site helpful and resourceful.

A few things have been going on at the park lately. Today, March 11th, The Native Plant Society hosted their annual Native Plant Day at Elaine Gordon Enchanted Forest next door to us. The Arch Creek Trust shared a table with Miami-Dade County EcoAdventures. I think the event was a good way to reach out to the community. I definitely saw an increase in visitation today.

Starting Monday, Arch Creek will be the host site for Camp Manatee – Spring Session. We have quite an exciting week planned and looks like we will have a decent number of campers old and new. We will be focusing on the spring theme in multiple ways. One of the topics I find most interesting is Sea Turtles. We will be talking about sea turtles and then taking a trip up to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center to see their sea turtle rehabilitation center.  I’m excited!

As far as that new and exciting news I promised, here goes. We have expanded camp ages and are now offering a new alternative for teens. Camp Manatee will focus on activities for children ages 6-11 and our new addition Camp Kingfisher will offer adventures for teens  ages 12-16.  For a full description of the camps please visit the Camp page.

Last but definitely not least, We are still accepting application for summer employment.  Please refer to previous post on how to apply.

Hello Everyone,

Miami-Dade  EcoAdventures’ March newsletter is now available on their website or by clicking this link: EcoAdventures – March 2011